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Who we are ?

Founded in november 2015 by Xavier Cassassolles and René Proharam, Diimotion aims to make spraying more efficient and environment friendly. Our Headquarter is near Pau, south of France. We have also an office in Paris

We develop the best direct injection units for sprayers with one challenge : managing all products within a lightning reaction time

We think farmers need top technologies to focus on agronomy. Agronomy is the key to bring back environment and productivity together

Direct Injection ?

Water and chemicals are in separate tanks. Chemicals are injected in the fields

Besides saving farmer’s time, the technology brings solutions for 2 major issues : reducing health risks and environmental impact. How ?

  • No mixture preparation (less exposure for the operator)
  • Facilitate accountability by storing unused concentrated chemicals
  • Reduce risk of accidental pollution by carrying only water in the main tank
  • Rinsing microtanks instead of a large polluted main tank
  • Avoid loss of mixtures by interruption of spraying due to bad weather
  • Reduce chemicals (variable rate or spot application)

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Special Jury Prize @ Vinitech 2018

Diimotion, laureate Talents du Vin / Innovation – June 2016

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Diimotion, 3rd laureate Agrinove 2016

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